Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Basics

    • Introduction to Forex Trading

    • Trading Plattforms

    • Price in Points (Pips)

    • How to use Tradingview

    • How to use Meta Trader 4

    • The Basics of Forex Trading

    • Quiz: Pips

    • Lot Size

    • Leverage

    • Combining Lot Size and Pips

    • The 8th wonder of the world

    • Order Types

    • When is the best time to Trade Forex?

    • Disclaimer

    • What is Fundamental Analysis?

    • What Type of Trader do you want to be?

    • Chose the right Broker and start with an MT4 DEMO account

  • 2

    Risk Management

    • Control your Risk or Lose everything, it's your decision!

  • 3

    Market Environment / Technical Analysis

    • Chapter 1. Market Structure

    • Chapter 2. Bullish/Bearish Structure

    • Chapter 3. Consolidating Structure

    • Chapter 4. How to draw Horizontal Support and Resistance

    • Chapter 5. How to identify Trends and Draw Trendlines

  • 4


    • Chapter 1. Opening and closing of candles

    • Chapter 2. What do these Candlestick Wicks mean?

    • Chapter 3. How to read Momentum?

    • Everything you need to know about Candlesticks

  • 5

    Entries & Patterns within the Market

    • Chapter 1. The Break & Retest of Horizontal Levels

    • Chapter 2. Pullbacks / Fake-Out Pullbacks

    • Chapter 3. Double Bottoms & Double Tops

    • Chapter 4. Rising and Falling Channels

    • Chapter 5. Triangles

    • Chapter 6. Flag Patterns

  • 6


    • Chapter 1. How to use the RSI (Relative Strength Index)

    • Chapter 2. How to use Moving Averages

    • Chapter 3. How to use the Fibonacci Retracement tool

    • Chapter 4. How to use the Fibonacci Extension tool

  • 7

    Indicator Strategy Example

    • Chapter 1. Trend Continuation Strategy

    • Chapter 2. Counter Trend Strategy

    • Chapter 3. Money Management Formular

    • Chapter 4. Money Management RRRich Split

  • 8


    • Chapter 1. Confluence Intro

    • Chapter 2. Top Down Analysis

    • Chapter 3. How to identify the overall direction and ride the waves - USDCAD example

    • Chapter 4. Journal your trades!

  • 9

    Put everything together

    • How to manage your risk the easy way - Position Size Calculator

    • Playbook - Ways to enter the market

    • How to flip accounts real quick - Scaling In and Scaling Out

  • 10

    What`s next?

    • The 8 weeks Demo Practise Period

    • Join the Inner Circle of our Team

    • Choose the right Broker and Open an MT4 account

    • Become a funded six-figure Trader

  • 11

    Beat the Market Makers / X-Ray Strategy

    • Market Maker Manipulations

    • 1. Trend & scaling of the chart

    • 2. Impulse levels

    • 3. Reversal levels

    • 4. Types of reversal levels

    • 5. Impulses

    • 6. Reversal moment

    • 7. Total impulse level

    • 8. Reversal Zone

    • 9. High / Low from the previous Day

    • 10. Sharp trend reversal levels

    • 11. Consolidation Flat

    • 12. Flat

    • 13. The base entry point

    • 14. Stop loss (SL)

    • 15. Safe method

    • 16. Second Chance Entry

    • 17. Breakthrough of the current movement

    • 18. Retest

    • 19. Risk Free Profit Acceleration

    • 20. Basic rules of the X-Ray Strategy

    • Live Trade Examples for X-Ray Strategy EUR/JPY

    • Live Trade Examples for X-Ray Strategy GBP/AUD

  • 12

    Bonus: Extrem Zone Smartphone Trading Strategy - The 20 Minutes per Day Strategy

    • Introduction

    • Extreme Zone Trading Results

    • Read & Recognize Trends

    • Read & Recognize Mixed Trends

    • Neutral Zone

    • Indicator & Settings

    • MT4 Indikator Settings

    • When is the best time to trade?

    • Calculation of position sizes:

    • Entry Points

    • Strong Trending Markets

    • SL / TP for Up & Downtrends

    • Trend Reversal/Change

    • SL & TP for sideways trends

    • Double Entries

    • When to close your trade?

    • Trading Rules & Most Common Mistakes

    • Good Entry Examples

    • Bad Entry Examples

    • Music to stay focused in Trading

  • 13

    Bonus: Algorithm Trading System - The 20 Minutes a Day Strategy

    • Chapter 1. Download Indicators

    • Chapter 2. Add Indicators to your MT4

    • Chapter 3. Indicator 1 Settings + Tutorial

    • Chapter 4. Indicator 2 Settings + Tutorial

    • Chapter 5. Indicator 3 Settings + Tutorial

    • Chapter 6. Indicator 4 Settings + Tutorial

    • Chapter 7. Indicator 5 Settings + Tutorial

    • Chapter 8. The 3 golden Rules

    • Chapter 9. Money Management System for the Algorithm when you using the Daily timeframe (D1)

    • Chapter 10. Position Size Calculator

    • Chapter 11. Best Markets for this Algorithm when you use the Daily Timeframe (D1)

  • 14

    Mindset & Psychology

    • Discipline

    • Losing Streaks

    • Winning Streaks

    • Abundance

    • Clarity

    • Consistency

    • Become a Game-Changer

    • Rules of Game-Changers

    • Keys to Success

  • 15

    Get Inspired - Set Targets - Live Your Dream

    • Chapter 1. Classic Cars

    • Chapter 2. Fast Cars

    • Chapter 3. Most Expensive Homes

    • Chapter 4. If you got too much money, buy one of these

    • Chapter 5. Rollercoaster - Bucketlist

    • Chapter 6. Activities & Adventures - Bucketlist

    • Chapter 7. Places to travel - Bucketlist

    • Chapter 8. Most Expensive Luxury Hotels

    • Chapter 9. Lost Places - Bucket list

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  • How much money do you need to START trading?

    In our experience, it's in our members' best interest to BEGIN demo trading (simulation) to practice what you are learning as you complete the course. Mistakes will be made along the way and its best to make these mistakes with fake money but gain REAL experience!

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